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scaffold board wine rack

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Wine Rack

Not posted lately, really not had the time to get out in the workshop. But I did manage to yesterday and spent most of the day making this wine rack. I made a video of me making it which to be honest turned out to be quite long, but I posted it to youtube anyway. Read more

Small Single Draw Table

Small single draw table. Top is sanded and waxed reclaimed scaffold board. Read more

wine unit

Wine Unit

This piece of furniture may appeal to the whinoes….. sorry i mean wine connoisseurs among you. Read more

roller coffee table

Round Rustic Coffee Table

This coffee table has been made using a steel/cast iron wheel from a field roller as the base. Read more

Storage Unit

Storage Unit

Storage unit made from scaffold boards, and the storage boxes are handmade in the style of fruit boxes. Read more

rustic bedside units

Bedside Units

These rustic bedside units have been made from scaffold boards. Read more

scaffold board book case

Scaffold Board Bookcase

This is a bookcase that I made from old scaffold boards. Read more

scaffold board stool

Scaffold Board Stool

These photos are of a small scaffold board stool that I recently made. Read more

nest of tables

Nest Of Tables

The following photos show a nest of tables that i made using old scaffold boards. Read more

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